Marge is my mum and she's a real ball-breaker! Don't mess with the Marge! She runs Team CHUNKY and takes care of business – from negotiating contracts to sorting out fight nights – travel, kit, merchandise, tickets – you name it – she does it.

I'd be lost without her! She definitely runs 'tings'!

Co-Manager POPS

Nothing gets past him! From combing contracts with a fine toothcomb, I can be assured that things are in order and he's my number one roadie there at ringside with his best 'poker-face' whether I'm winning convincingly or taking one or two shots too many.


Jim's been my trainer for years and we have a great bond – he's a true inspiration and together we're a great team!

He's the fittest 55-year-old you will ever meet! He trains alongside me and doesn't ask me to do stuff in training that he doesn't do himself – he's old school for sure on the training front. He trains me extremely hard and technically in the world title, it will be for both of us.


James is Jim's son he's been brought up in the world of boxing and has joined the corner team in the last year or so.

James makes sure the stool is in the corner for me when the bell goes – he has the water bottle on hand and is the lucky fella that gets to hold the spit bucket!


Another woman close to my heart – my Sister Ellie. She keeps my home life in check and keeps me as organised as possible which isn't easy - believe me! She supports Marge on the management side so between the two of us she needs to have the patience of a saint!


Diehard roadies – my Sis and her mates who help Marge out with fight night prep. They are always there at ringside to shout support and to look the business and are getting quite a following on Twitter #chunkettes – you go girls!